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About us

FISHTEC EUROPE - Mapping European Lakes

Welcome to FishTec Europe, the European franchise of the FishTec brand, a leader in HD Fishing Charts since 2009. Our passion? Bringing to life Europe’s fishing waters through our maps, crafted especially for anglers who share our love for the sport.

Our journey began with a dream: to craft fishing charts like no other, revealing the mysteries of underwater landscapes in ways you've never seen before. Now, our HD fishing charts aren't just tools for navigation – they're your trusty sidekicks on every fishing adventure.

We're excited to offer you some really cool tools, like Aerial HD for eagle-eye views, Elevation 3D powered by LiDAR technology for stunning relief visuals, UltraHF Mosaic for incredibly detailed side-scan data from our AIMy hydrones, and a treasure trove of geo-tagged panoramic shots, all ready to explore on our fishing chart cards.

The FISHTEC EUROPE Difference:

FISHTEC EUROPE is a premier company dedicated to the art of mapping Europe's picturesque lakes. Founded by a group of avid anglers with an unwavering passion for fishing, FISHTEC EUROPE is more than just a cartography business—it's a celebration of the rich tapestry of European waters and the joy of pursuing the perfect catch. The main question is 'what is really underwater?' So FishTec came with special charts for that question.I hope you like our idea and fell free to contact us at anytime!

Community-Centric Approach: FISHTEC EUROPE is more than a brand; it's a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for the water. We actively engage with our customers, gathering insights and stories to continually enhance our maps and create a shared tapestry of experiences.

Embark on your next fishing adventure with FISHTEC EUROPE—where every map is a testament to the passion that drives us and the indescribable feeling that comes with the pursuit of the perfect catch.